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Author: Qian Fu

PyRCS is an open-source Python package designed to simplifies the collection and management of diverse codes used in different systems within the UK rail industry. It serves as a practical toolkit for researchers, practitioners, and individuals who frequently interact with the Railway Codes website and work extensively with railway codes in the UK. Leveraging the capabilities of the Python programming language, PyRCS enables efficient access to and manipulation of railway code data, enhancing productivity and effectiveness in working with these codes.

During Installation, PyRCS includes a set of pre-packaged data. When users request data from a specific category listed on the Railway Codes website, PyRCS automatically loads the corresponding pre-packaged data for that category by default. Additionally, it provides functionality that enables direct access to the latest data from the data source website, ensuring users can stay updated with the most current information. Furthermore, PyRCS users can conveniently update the relevant pre-packaged data, keeping their data resources synchronized with the latest developments.

With PyRCS, users can leverage Python’s power to streamline workflows and enhance productivity when working with railway codes in the UK rail industry.