LocationIdentifiers.collect_explanatory_note(confirmation_required=True, verbose=False)[source]

Collect note about CRS code from source web page.

  • confirmation_required (bool) – whether to confirm before proceeding, defaults to True

  • verbose (bool or int) – whether to print relevant information in console, defaults to False


data of multiple station codes explanatory note

Return type:

dict or None


>>> from pyrcs.line_data import LocationIdentifiers
>>> # from pyrcs import LocationIdentifiers

>>> lid = LocationIdentifiers()

>>> exp_note = lid.collect_explanatory_note()
To collect data of Multiple station codes explanatory note
? [No]|Yes: yes
>>> type(exp_note)
>>> list(exp_note.keys())
['Multiple station codes explanatory note', 'Notes', 'Last updated date']

>>> lid.KEY_TO_MSCEN
'Multiple station codes explanatory note'

>>> exp_note_dat = exp_note[lid.KEY_TO_MSCEN]
>>> type(exp_note_dat)
>>> exp_note_dat.head()
                 Location  CRS CRS_alt1 CRS_alt2
0         Glasgow Central  GLC      GCL
1    Glasgow Queen Street  GLQ      GQL
2                 Heworth  HEW      HEZ
3    Highbury & Islington  HHY      HII      XHZ
4  Lichfield Trent Valley  LTV      LIF