SignalBoxes.fetch_wr_mas_dates(update=False, dump_dir=None, verbose=False)[source]

Fetch data of WR (western region) MAS (multiple aspect signalling) dates.

  • update (bool) – whether to do an update check (for the package data), defaults to False

  • dump_dir (str or None) – name of package data folder, defaults to None

  • verbose (bool or int) – whether to print relevant information in console, defaults to False


data of WR (western region) MAS (multiple aspect signalling) dates

Return type:



>>> from pyrcs.other_assets import SignalBoxes  # from pyrcs import SignalBoxes

>>> sb = SignalBoxes()

>>> sb_wr_mas_dates = sb.fetch_wr_mas_dates()
>>> type(sb_wr_mas_dates)
>>> list(sb_wr_mas_dates.keys())
['WR MAS dates', 'Last updated date']

'WR MAS dates'

>>> sb_wr_mas_dates_dat = sb_wr_mas_dates[sb.KEY_TO_WRMASD]
>>> type(sb_wr_mas_dates_dat)
>>> list(sb_wr_mas_dates_dat.keys())
 'Newport Multiple Aspect Signalling',
 'Old Oak Common (original scheme)',
 'Port Talbot Multiple Aspect Signalling',
 'Reading Multiple Aspect Signalling',
 'Original Barry amalgamation',
 'Cardiff Multiple Aspect Signalling',
 'Central Wales',
 'Gloucester Multiple Aspect Signalling',
 'Swindon Multiple Aspect Signalling',
 'Bristol Division (miscellaneous schemes)',
 'Old Oak Common (new panel)',
 'Western Valleys',
 'London Division (miscellaneous schemes)',
 'Cardiff Valleys',
 'Newport Extension',
 'Barry centralisation',
 'Slough/Reading (developments)',
 'Bristol Multiple Aspect Signalling',
 'Port Talbot Multiple Aspect Signalling (extensions and developments)',
 'Old Oak Common (rationalisation)',
 'Centralisation schemes',
 'Bristol (developments)',
 'Didcot/Swindon/Bristol reversible working',
 'Reading West extension',

>>> sb_wr_mas_dates_dat['Paddington-Hayes']
  Stage             Date                        Area
0    1A    12 April 1953               Hayes-Hanwell
1    1B    20 March 1955        Hanwell-Acton Middle
2    1C  1 February 1959  Acton West-Friars Junction